Special Issue of Onsei Kenkyuu on the C/D Model: Table of Contents

We have the table of contents for the special issue of Onsei Kenkyuu available now. Lot’s of interesting papers here, so please look forward to reading this one!

Talk by Donna Erickson

Dr. Erickson gave a talk at Haskins Laboratories on Thursday, June 11th, titled Articulation of Rhythm: A Multilanguage Perspective. The slides include a lot of interesting data on jaw movement patterns in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Mandarin, as well as speech produced by non-native speakers. It ties together a few different projects that Dr. Erickson has been spearheading over the last few years, working with EMA data to test the connections between jaw movement patterns and prosodic structure across different languages.

Two New Papers

We’ve added two new papers in the Papers for Discussion section. Bridging articulation and perception: The C/D model and contrastive emphasis is an attempt at drawing parallels between the emphasis and pauses listeners hear and the articulatory gestures speakers use to communicate emphasis. A practical guide to calculating syllable prominence, timing and boundaries in the C/D model gives an overview aimed at helping readers who are new to the model use its features in their own research.

Take a look, and please leave us your comments!